July Release Schedule 02 Jul 2017

July is shaping up to be just as busy of a month as June was, so you're all in luck! Kicking us off we'll have a couple mainstays in the HNW scene releasing new material and by the middle of the month, we will have a large collection of ritual ambient and black metal releases, which I'm very excited for. We're also looking to have our first CD release this month, so keep your eyes peeled for the extreme occult ritual sounds of Antelogos! See below for full list:

July 7th - Visitation/Dosis Letalis - A Room Void Of Distraction - HNW

July 10th - Coldmoon - Boucliers Sanglants - HNW

July 14th - KLUIZENAER - Wir Sind Die Speerspitze Des Gerechten Glaubens - Black Noise, Ritual Ambient

July 21st - Darkurvadya - The Cold Atrocity From The Deep - Raw Black Metal, Black Death Metal

July 28th - Tomhet - Ulcers Of Consciousness - Atmospheric Black Metal, DSBM

July 31st - Antelogos - Aeon Of Extinction - Ritual Ambient, Dark Ambient, Occult

June Release Schedule 02 Jun 2017

I'm very excited to update you all with Grey Matter's newest cycle of releases. This month is sure to be a bleak and destructive one, with a total of 6 albums slotted for release, including a new foray into a more "poppy" realm of sonic expression from the artist +GROVN+.

June 3rd - Melinoe/Dosis Letalis & Bonechurch/Eccentricity - Endless Loop Of Desolation - HNW, Dark Ambient

June 9th - Destruktionsanstalt - Ex Bello Volaptus - Power Electronics, Death Industrial

June 16th - -LEICHE- - Grau Leichen 2 - HNW, ANW

June 19th - Olm - 10 Hours Best Relaxing Music For Stress, Health, Sleep, Dream, Love - Lowercase, Sound Collage, Noise

June 23rd - GRVD & hermit - Realm Of Chaos And Night - Blacknoise, Doom, Death Industrial, Ritual Ambient

June 30th - +GROVN+ - Fatal Attraction - Darkwave, Deathrock, Industrial, Goth Pop

Website Update May 2017 26 May 2017

When forming Grey Matter Productions over a year ago, it was specifically decided to use the term "Productions" rather than "Records." The reason being for this is because the entity was never intended to just release music and the idea of confining the creation to one medium was against all foundational ideals set up in the first place (Not that it could be confined even if that was the intention!). The manifestation of this website will be one of the many ways Grey Matter continues to spread vibrations and expand productions through the foreseeable future.

With the addition of this site, Grey Matter will continue to share both the visuals and sounds inside the collective mind to propel the Grey forward. Expect much more visual propaganda, as well as purchasable items for enhancing sonic ritual through your other senses.

Expect much more as Grey Matter continues to unfold and grow in all facets of existence!